What Is Sandbox?

Sandbox is a highly visual, interactive app for understanding & building investment portfolios. The visual interface helps users in the examination and improvement of existing portfolios. Its complementary public and private fund data is unique, yet simple to navigate. You can integrate your own data and portfolios with Sandbox data for more focussed analysis. You can be up and running in minutes.

The Sandbox Investor Advantage

Sandbox allows you to create and save multiple portfolios, on demand in real time and generate detailed reports. The Sandbox application is so responsive that it can be used live in presentation process.

Unique Tools


The Sandbox application provides tools developed by Sandbox to enhance portfolio construction & fund discovery.

The premise of Sandbox is that quantitative portfolio construction tools generally provide one answer when in reality there are usually many answers. Sandbox’s visual approach provides insight into the answer that’s right for you.

With Sandbox’s interactive analysis software, you can build out multiple risk-based investment strategies and design your own custom-tailored portfolio management solution.

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