Sandbox: The Next-Level Differentiator for Portfolio Building

Sandbox is the data-driven app that allows you to gain insight and become more valuable to your clients.

Build a Better Portfolio with Sandbox

Use the Robust Data in the Sandbox app and see for yourself the advantage you'll have building multiple portfolios!

The Sandbox Advantage

Get the full picture on your investments and build a better portfolio with the app that gives you all the fund data you need!

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Sandbox is a highly visual, interactive app for understanding & building investment portfolios. The visual interface helps users in the examination and improvement of existing portfolios. Its complementary public and private fund data is unique, yet simple to navigate. You can integrate your own data and portfolios with Sandbox data for more focussed analysis. You can be up and running in minutes.

Before you buy a fund or build a Portfolio, consult Sandbox. 

Investment tools that provide value and are easy to use.

The Sandbox Investor Advantage

Sandbox helps you to gain insight. It gives you on-demand access to unique and current data that is easily queried, managed, and manipulated to create the ideal portfolio for virtually anyone. 

Sandbox allows you to create and save multiple portfolios, on-demand, in real time and generate detailed reports. The Sandbox application is so responsive that it can be used live in the presentation process.

Sandbox: Portfolio Creation Toolkit

With Sandbox’s interactive analysis software, you can build out risk-based investment strategies. Sandbox provides the capability to upload your own proprietary private data in confidence and create a complete custom-tailored portfolio management solution. 

Sandbox is a very fast, interactive, and highly graphical investment application that has a large amount of complementary fund data. Sandbox brings you superior, relevant tools that even large institutions might not have. With the highly graphical Sandbox app, you can quickly examine, build, discard, replace, change, and save unique portfolios with stunning speed and insight. Sandbox doesn’t spit just out an answer…because there is NEVER one answer. Sandbox is a better way to examine and build a portfolio. 

Do NOT buy a fund without consulting Sandbox

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